Meeting with Reproductive Endocrinologist

We had an appointment with the Reproductive Endocrinologist to discuss what we would do should this most recent insemination not work. She said she was happy with the results of the 50mg of Clomid (x5 days) and would recommend repeating this same protocol if necessary.

We asked about the weird potential-cyst thing seen on the first ultrasound, and she said it was difficult to tell exactly what it was since it wasn’t reported on the second ultrasound the following day. It could have been a follicle, or it could have been a cyst that ruptured on its own. She said cysts like that on the outside of the ovary shouldn’t affect one’s fertility, and part of the advantage of being on Clomid (even if you only develop one follicle) is that it regulates the cycle (prevents cycle irregularities) and allows you to really narrow down the ovulation window. So, it didn’t really matter if it had been a cyst or a follicle – she was happy with how the cycle went and would recommend repeating it similarly if we are not pregnant on this cycle.

Sounds fair to me, I guess.

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