Try #5 – Insemination

On Day 16 of this cycle, we did an intrauterine insemination (IUI) after having used Clomid. Although it was our first while using Clomid and our first at the fertility clinic, the procedure was much like the others. The fertility clinic does only one IUI per cycle, unlike at our local LGBT-friendly healthcare provider (where we went for Tries 1-4) that does two inseminations per cycle.

This was also the first time we used Donor #2. According to his profile, Donor #2 has had pregnancies in the past so we are hoping that he mixes well Molly – and it will work this time. After the two week wait, we should find out. We used one vial, leaving us with two remaining.

Because using Ovidrel can cause a false positive on a urine home pregnancy test, part of the monitoring with using fertility drugs involves a blood pregnancy test two weeks after the insemination. In two weeks, we’ll have the blood pregnancy test…and we just have to be patient and wait until then.

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