Try #5 – Ultrasound #2 – Monitoring

The second monitoring ultrasound of this cycle (Day 13) showed that the one follicle had grown to 17mm, and they did not mention the cyst-like structure that was seen yesterday.

They instructed us to do the Ovidrel injection tomorrow to stimulate ovulation, then to come in two days after that for the insemination. At the fertility center, they only do one insemination per cycle, unlike at our local LGBT-friendly healthcare provider (where we were doing the natural intrauterine inseminations) where we chose to do two inseminations on some of the cycles. Doing only one insemination per cycle will certainly save some money, and hopefully the timing will be more precise using the Clomid/ultrasound monitoring/Ovidrel that doing only one insemination shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

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