Sperm Order #2

It was such a process to choose a donor the first time around, I never even considered that we would have to complete that process all over again. We had used all six vials of Donor #1 we originally purchased on the first four inseminations. However, The Sperm Bank of California (TSBC) was sold out of Donor #1 at the time we needed to purchase more so we had to decide on a second donor.

We had really liked the basis of the TSBC so we initially looked at their other donors available. However, at the time they did not have any other suitable identity-release donors available. Therefore, we began the process from the very beginning, looking at profiles from all of the various companies. We eventually found three donors at California Cryobank (CC) who were open-donors (similar to TSBC identity-release donors) with blue eyes and brown/light brown/blonde hair. Unlike TSBC, CC profiles do have a fairly extensive area for education background and GPA, and, while it wasn’t a dominant consideration in our decision, it was a contributing factor. CC online profiles also indicate if the donor has had previous pregnancies or not, and this was also a factor in our choosing as we preferred to choose someone who was “proven” and did have previous pregnancies.

Choosing among the three donors was difficult. They all were fairly similar to me in the basics (eye color, hair color, height, weight). One of the three had a grandparent with Alzheimer’s disease, and when looking for something to narrow down the decision, this was enough for us to stop considering this donor. California Cryobank has a Donor Look-a-Likes section, which lists a few celebrities with whom the donor shares physical characteristics. The two remaining donors had handsome enough celebrity look-a-likes, though I certainly wouldn’t say I look like any celebrity! Interestingly, their profiles described them as quite different. One was a medical doctor while the other was mastering in an artistic field. One was Christian, one was Agnostic. One had the same blood type as me, the other did not. Both Molly and I being agnostic medical professionals, we considered this one as the better choice for us. However, the baby photos sealed the deal. We purchased baby photos of both donors and the artistic Chrisitian’s photo looked so similar to my photos at the same age that there was no longer a question of which one to pick.

So, we purchased three vials of Donor #2 from California Cryobank, hoping that maybe this donor (with known previous pregnancies) was a better match for us.

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