Try #4 – Pregnancy Test (HPT)

The home pregnancy test (HPT) was negative. This is very disappointing.

In a way, we were preparing ourselves for this. We recently had a consult with a Reproductive Endocrinologist at a fertility center, who recommended starting Clomid, just in case this Try #4 didn’t work. So at least we have already set the gears in motion to continue this process, albeit slightly more aggressively and a little bit more medically-involved.

This means that we will also definitely need to decide on a Donor #2 and purchase more sperm. I think we will be taking the next month off from insemination so Molly can have a couple of tests done. This will also give us a little more time to fully read through the three donors we have selected for consideration from California Cryobank. We may not be inseminating this next cycle, but it looks like it is shaping up to be a busy month.

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