Consult with Reproductive Endocrinologist

We met with a reproductive endocrinologist at a large fertility center to discuss possible next steps, should our next insemination (Try #4) not work. We wanted to meet with them while in the process of Try #4 so that we don’t miss a cycle before starting at the fertility center.

The fertility center we went to is kind of known as a “baby factory.” Which I guess is good and bad. Good, because well, we want a baby and if they can help us do that, then great. But also bad in that it implies not a lot of individual attention. But I definitely didn’t get that feeling from our reproductive endocrinologist. She was very nice, took a good history, and listened to all of our concerns. She was very open to working with us, even though we had only done three (four by the time we would start with her) cycles of natural intrauterine insemination, when most people would seek their assistance after at least six failed cycles.

She said it was possible that Molly has Unexplained Infertility, something that can be difficult to treat, mainly because it is exactly what it sounds like…unexplained. But that her recommendation would be to try Clomid (clomiphene citrate), an oral fertility drug. It is the most benign of the fertility drugs and is usually the first one people try.

We left with a really good feeling and will definitely pursue the Clomid should the next cycle not work.

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