Choosing Donor #2

Because we only have one more vial of Donor #1, we knew we needed to look into buying more vials if this next Try #4 doesn’t work. We looked on The Sperm Bank of California‘s website to see if we could order more of Donor #1, but they are temporarily out of stock and they can’t say when more will be available.  So, we decided to visit the profile room again at our local LGBT-friendly healthcare provider to browse more profiles.

As it turns out, The Sperm Bank of California just doesn’t have any donors that match what we’re looking for in terms of the basics (eye color, hair color, open-donor).  We did, however, find three donors that seemed interesting from California Cryobank.  You can get a lot of stuff for free on their website, and we ended up purchasing the longer profiles (including family history) and baby photos for the three donors.  Now, we just need to decide which one we’ll be using (if Try #4 with our last vial of Donor #1 doesn’t work).

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