Try #3 – Pregnancy Test (HPT)

Another home pregnancy test (HPT), another negative.

I certainly haven’t given up hope (it’s only been three tries!), but it is difficult to maintain trust that it will eventually happen. It’s been over a year since we began this process, and it just feels like it’s our time now. We’re totally and completely ready for this to happen – so why isn’t it already?!

Because we have one more vial of Donor #1, we’re going to give the natural intrauterine insemination one more shot (literally). In the meantime, we’re also going to have a consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist to see what they would suggest. We’re aware that normally one may not see a fertility specialist until they’ve tried natural inseminations for at least six months, but we’re ready to move on. Each cycle that goes by is both time and money. If there is anything we can do that can help increase our success rate (while considering the risks, of course), then we’d like to know those options.

So, one more natural intrauterine insemination, with our last vial of Donor #1, then off to a fertility clinic (if the next cycle doesn’t work) and buying more sperm.

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