Try #3 – Inseminations

Our third cycle of inseminating was very similar to the second cycle. We again chose to do two natural intrauterine inseminations this cycle, again hoping that it will increase our chances of helping sperm meet egg.

Both inseminations were done, about 24 hours apart, at our local LGBT-friendly healthcare provider. We used two more vials of Donor #1, leaving us with only one more vial. Next cycle, if needed, we will use the last vial of Donor #1. If that one doesn’t take either, then we’ll have to either buy more of the same donor, or we’ll have to choose another donor. I’m not particularly looking forward to the latter, only because it took a lot to finally decide on a donor, and I’d rather not have to do that again.

In two weeks, we’ll do another home pregnancy test (HPT) and see what we get…

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