80-Day Cycle

We didn’t even consider doing the first insemination before September, because we wanted to make sure the baby would (most likely) be born after I graduated from veterinary school in May 2010. The last 15 months of veterinary school are spent working in the clinic, which means an average of 12+ hour days, 7 days per week. I couldn’t imagine bringing a baby into an already-stressful life like that, as long as we had the choice.

We were unable to do our first insemination last month as planned, because the late July/early August cycle just kept on going and going. No period came…and normally that would be a good finding, though we knew it was impossible that Molly was pregnant since we hadn’t even done our first insemination yet! Beginning this past January, Molly has charted her cycles using Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and ovulation predictor kits (OPK), and all of them up until late July/early August were normal ~30-32 day cycles. For whatever reason, right before we going to do the first insemination last month, the late July/early August cycle has lasted 80 days. Her period has finally come so we will have the chance to do our first insemination this month. However, we’ve decided that we don’t want to inseminate on the first cycle after such as weird/long one. So, we’re actually going to wait until next month to do the first insemination.

It’s frustrating because it already feels like we’ve been waiting a long time to start the actual insemination process. She first went off her contraceptives in January, and we went to the first Alternative Insemination introduction class in January, too. So we really are about 10 months into this process already, and we haven’t been able to even have a shot at becoming pregnant yet. But, it will come in time. And we just need to keep reminding ourselves that we chose the earliest possible conception date as September to help ensure we wouldn’t have an infant while I was still in veterinary school. It will happen…eventually.

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