AI Enrollment and Counseling

Molly and I attended the second of the two-part Alternative Insemination Program orientation at our local LGBT-friendly healthcare provider. This included an enrollment visit and a preconception counseling visit.

The enrollment visit consisted of reviewing the last five months of basal body temperature (BBT) and ovulation predictor kits (OPK) results. Based on these results, her ovulation appears to take place somewhere between Cycle Day 17-21. This corresponds to when both the BBT increases and the OPK turns positive.

At the preconception counseling visit they talked to us about general medical history, risks of AI and pregnancy, and various lifestyle components that are healthy during pregnancy (light-moderate exercise, no smoking, eating healthy, etc.). We also showed them the results of the lab work done at Molly’s PCP, and we were granted medical clearance and clearance to order sperm.

The next thing we plan to do is decide on a sperm donor, order sperm, and basically wait until September (the first month we want to do an insemination so the baby won’t/shouldn’t be born before I graduate from veterinary school in May 2010)!

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